“My reaction to your book is an enthusiastic YES!  I find such a book extremely helpful in my classes.  It is well laid out, thoughtfully planned, and holds the interest of beginning guitarists because of the variety and large number of melodies.  The duets and chordal accompaniments add another level of reinforcement as well.”

-Jim Baird, Raleigh, NC

(public school guitar teacher)


“This is the best sight reading I have come across so far. I need 40 - 50 copies right now.

-Harold Söderberg, Gothenburg,Sweden

(recitalist, clinician, Suzuki method teacher

trainer, Intl. Suzuki Guitar Committee


“My students have enjoyed reading songs from the book in their lessons.  As a teacher, it is a great resource to have a sequenced collection of songs bound together in one book for students to read.  It fills a need where most method books leave off.  I have seen many methods use songs to introduce new notes or concepts, yet progress too quickly for students to sufficiently practice reading music at their level.

-Robert Vierschilling, Seattle, WA

(recitalist clinician & private studio teacher)


“I like your book very much.  I found the tables that listed pieces according to which strings were used to be very interesting and helpful.  This gives students and teachers a very quick resource for addressing particular reading weaknesses.  Let me simply congratulate you on a job well done.”

-David Crittenden, Minneapolis, MN

(recitalist composer & conservatory teacher)


“I like the mix of tunes and the way you have organized the book. It has proven very useful for introducing reading in first position to beginners.  The large note heads are easy to follow and the new notes are introduced gradually. More advanced students benefit from learning to read the pieces on the lower three strings.   My students all move easily from the skills gained in this book to ensemble pieces at all different levels.

-Laura Mazza-Dixon, Granby, CT

(private studio teacher, clinician)


“This is a great tool for teachers like me, bravo for you! It follows a logical structure and offers good tunes.

-Kami Rowan, Greensboro, NC

(private, college & public school

guitar program teacher & director)


“I love the book!  Please assume that you have a standing order from me with more to follow as newer students join the program and little ones grow into this part of the learning curve.”

-Joe Beninghof, Denver, CO

(private studio teacher)


I have been using ‘Read This First’ as the foundation of my reading
program at the Hartt Community Guitar School. It provides a well-laid out path with plenty of examples to offer- both a new piece to read every day, and pieces to polish. My students really enjoy the book.

-David Madsen, Hartford, CT

(private studio teacher, clinician &

Suzuki method teacher trainer


“I'm keen to work with it as it seems to fill (or at least start to fill!) a pedagogical gap in our literature.”

-Steve Bondy, Denver, CO

(private studio teacher)


“I’m impressed with the level of organization you’ve put into the book.  Your book is unique in that it is a great collection of simple tunes; we just don’t have enough beginning reading literature.”

-William Kossler, Winston-Salem NC

(private studio teacher, clinician

& Suzuki method teacher trainer)


“It's a tremendously important addition to guitarists' resources for learning reading skills”

-Gerald Klickstein

(author, recitalist, clinician

& conservatory teacher)


“I do think it’s a good book; perfect for supplementary reading.”  I like the duets on the Suzuki pieces-a nice bonus. 

-Andrea Cannon, Houston, TX

(private studio teacher, clinician,

Suzuki method teacher trainer)


“It is on my stand and I use it every week.”

-Ken Wilson, Winston-Salem, NC

(private studio & church program teacher



Beginning Sight-reading for Guitar

‘Read This First’

What People Are Saying About ‘Read This First’: